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Some people are born leaders, but what makes them so great at what they do? On this episode of the Build Your Success podcast, Brian Brogen explored some of the lessons learned from some of the top leaders in America with his guest, Adam Mendler.

Adam Mendler is the CEO of The Billows Group where he co-founded overseas ventures across a wide variety of industries and places including Beverly Hills. He also provides thought leadership as a speaker to businesses, universities, and non-profit organizations. He is also the host of the 30 Minute Mentors podcast, a 30-minute conversation each week with one of the most powerful people in America.

Adam in his interview briefly touched on a few lessons he learned. He believes that the core principles of leadership can be applicable across industries.

The first lesson helearned was from Lieutenant Reynold Hoover with his over 35 years of serving in the US armed forces. General Hoover’s advice was to always sit in a different seat. He means to literally sit somewhere different every time you’re in a room. His reason is that you will see things differently tomorrow than you did today. Therefore, he is encouraging everyone to get out of his or her routine. When you sit somewhere different, you will also speak with someone else and build your network.

The second lesson that Mendler learned was from Dan Helfrich and his advice was that you should never think of anyone as being “under you”. Think of yourself as the captain and everyone else is your teammate. That way no one is under you. Using the term “under you” can definitely change the way people view your leadership.

Another lesson was two-fold. Remain as communicative as possible and bring your team in to help with the decision-making process. Everyone should be working towards one common goal. The beauty of communication is that there are so many tools that leaders can use to remain highly communicative with their teams and organizations. Today, communication is instant and in real-time. As a leader, your team wants to hear from you, it brings them assurance and keeps the job going.

Finally, Adam spoke about learning to be laser-focused on the team that you lead and being customer-centric. It is the goal of every business and team to be customer-centric or laser-focused on the customer. For leaders, it applies to them being laser-focused on their team. This is one of the lessons that resonate with every leader that you will come across in one way or another.

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