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360 Degree Leadership: A Comprehensive Approach to Elevating Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership effectiveness is a critical factor in the success of any organization. Recognizing this, the 360 Degree Leadership program, spearheaded by Brian Brogen of Build Consulting, takes a holistic and continuous approach to enhancing leadership skills. This program stands out for its depth and comprehensiveness, stretching beyond standard 360 assessments to offer a more dynamic, action-oriented path to leadership development.

Phase 1: Understanding and Planning

Deep Dive into Assessment Results: The first phase begins with a thorough analysis of the 360-degree feedback. Participants engage in face-to-face workshops where they dissect their feedback, gaining a nuanced understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement. This process goes beyond surface-level analysis, encouraging leaders to delve into the ‘whys’ behind their feedback.

Developing Competencies and Behaviors: With a clear understanding of their current leadership profile, participants then move to construct a tailored development plan. This plan focuses on building specific competencies and behaviors critical to their leadership roles. The aim is to create actionable, realistic strategies that align with individual leadership styles and organizational needs.

Phase 2: Learning and Implementing

Skill Acquisition and Tool Utilization: The second phase is dedicated to learning and growth. Through a blend of virtual and instructor-led training, along with self-study modules, participants acquire new skills and tools. These resources are designed to address the identified areas for improvement, such as communication, decision-making, and emotional intelligence.

Setting Goals and Objectives: An integral part of this phase is the establishment of clear, measurable goals. Participants work to identify common objectives that resonate with their personal and professional aspirations. These objectives serve as a roadmap, guiding the leaders in their journey toward enhanced effectiveness.

Phase 3: Review and Growth

Progress Review: The third phase is a critical review of the progress made. Leaders reconvene to share their experiences, challenges, and successes. This collaborative review process is instrumental in understanding the impact of the strategies implemented and in providing mutual support and encouragement.

Continuous Improvement Plan: The culmination of the program is the design of a long-term growth plan. This plan is not static; it evolves with the leader, ensuring that their development is continuous and responsive to changing environments and needs.

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The 360 Degree Leadership Advantage

The 360 Degree Leadership program is unique in its comprehensive approach to leadership development. It moves beyond traditional assessment methods by offering a structured yet flexible framework that adapts to the individual needs of each leader. The program’s strength lies in its combination of personal reflection, practical skill-building, and ongoing support, ensuring that leaders are not just assessed but are provided with the tools and knowledge to grow continually.

This program is especially beneficial for organizations looking to cultivate a culture of continuous learning and leadership excellence. By investing in their leaders through this program, organizations can expect to see a ripple effect of positive change, impacting team dynamics, organizational culture, and ultimately, the bottom line.

The 360 Degree Leadership with Build Consulting is more than a program; it’s a transformational journey. It will equip your leaders with the insights, skills, and strategies necessary to navigate the complexities of modern leadership, fostering an environment of continual growth and excellence.