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Be Intentional to Find the Good in Life

We are surrounded by things to be grateful for: people, places, things, health, careers to name a few. Take time to look around for things to be thankful for. Becoming grateful is beneficial to our wellbeing and can create a positive attitude and outlook on life.

I know you have family, friends, and co-workers that you are grateful for, and you appreciate what they mean to you. Take a moment to write down a few people you are grateful for; you will feel good just by thinking on these people and getting their names down on paper. This reflection on why you appreciate them will get you excited about recognizing them for how they have contributed to your life.

In times of conflict always assume positive intent. When you are having challenging moments with those you love or work with, remember to consider their perspective and think through why there is disagreement, most likely there are competing agendas. Give the other person the benefit of the doubt and be thankful that you are both passionate about the subject.

Go outside and enjoy nature, birds chirping, leaves swaying in the wind, the graceful flight of a butterfly. There are many sights to enjoy from forests to beaches, mountains to canyons. When it is raining, I am grateful for the refreshing and when the sun is shining, I am grateful for the warmth.

Don’t Take Things for Granted

If you are breathing, there are things to be thankful for. Take notice of who is helping you on a daily basis.

  • Do you have a boss who is nurturing you for professional development?
  • Is there a family member who sacrificed their time to do something special for you?
  • Is there a police officer that monitors your neighborhood to keep you safe?
  • Is there someone who volunteers their time to make your community a better place?

These are all things that many individuals take for granted. Pay attention to the small things that make your life better. It doesn’t take some amazing event to become grateful.

Express Your Appreciation

Now that we have an understanding of how easy it is to become grateful, let’s explore some ideas for expressing your appreciation. Again, you don’t need to have some monumental experience to show gratitude for and you don’t have to spend great amounts of money or time to express your appreciation.

  • Write a handwritten thank you note
  • Pick up the phone and give them a call
  • Take them out for coffee or lunch
  • Get a gift card for something they enjoy
  • Pay it forward passing on gratitude to others
  • Donate to a cause in the name of someone you appreciate
  • Volunteer to help someone in exchange for the time they have given you

Give Back

When it comes to industry and community, the best way to show gratitude is to give back to the industry or community that has supported you.

  • Donate to a charity that offers scholarships to your industry or community
  • Volunteer as a mentor in the industry or community
  • Get on a not-for-profit board
  • Host a fundraising event that benefits your industry or community


I have found being grateful is one of the most satisfying things I can do for mental health and wellbeing. I encourage you to look for ways to: Be intentional, express your appreciation and give back to those who have helped you along life’s journey. We are all in this together and an attitude of gratitude will be beneficial to everyone.

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