Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

These are known as the 5 W’s and the H. They are used as the basis for the creation of a great story, as well as the basis for a continuous plan for success. Let’s look at them in-depth as these questions apply to success and leadership.  

The Who

Who should you surround yourself with to be successful? The answer to this is mentors and mentees. That means, someone helping you and you helping others. Be a river and not a reservoir is how others may put it. What we gain in life should be shared with others. For any of this to be effective, you must seek out competent mentors. This can be done by identifying advisors or peers with who you can bounce your ideas off with ease.

Check up on existing relationships to determine if any of them are toxic. This can be detrimental to your success. Limit your time with them and don’t let them pull you down. Go where people make you shine and help them shine.

The What

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? In the construction industry, they refer to any assignment as a scope of work. When the scope of work is clearly defined it is easy to understand. When work is ambiguous, it is difficult to understand and causes confusion. The same can be said about what. If you don’t clearly define what you’re attempting to do, you won’t be able to understand what is required to accomplish your goals. Take time to create your ‘what’ because everyone has a different definition of success.

The When

What are you waiting for? When the elevator of success stops at your door get on and go up. Take action and make a schedule. Start slowly and grow your habits into daily success. So, start now and don’t wait.

The Where

You need to have a place or several places where you go to learn and apply leadership development skills. Your where can look like a quiet place to read or a place to write down your thoughts and be creative. This can be in the form of active membership in a like-minded group or even taking a course, whatever works for you.

The Why

Why do you want to be successful? Will others be able to buy into your why and help you become successful? You should also consider who you will share your success with because your why should be empowering and passionate. It should be able to solve problems and benefit others.

The How

The how is up to you! You must take action and determine your own how. If getting a coach for this is too expensive for you, then you can consider reading. Reading books on leadership for example. You should first build yourself and then others.

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