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Best Leadership Books from Brian Brogen

Whether you’re new to leading a team or a seasoned veteran, as leaders we are constantly growing and learning different methods of leadership. At Build Consulting we strive to share thought-provoking and disrupting leadership techniques as we enter a post-pandemic world. We encourage all teams and leaders to uncover blind spots and new methodologies with a new era of virtual commuting and active leadership online.

If you’d like to purchase your own copy of Brian’s Leadership books, order your copies here:

voices for leadership brian brogen leadership book build consulting services

Voices For Leadership, Vol. 1

Your Pathway To Becoming A More Influential Leader

best leadership book 100 hour pilot

The 100-Hour Pilot

Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream

best leadership books one habit brian brogen

1Habit Of The World’s Greatest Leaders

Life-Changing Habits To Unlock Your True Leadership Potential