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Planning For Purpose; Get Ready for 2022!

P.L.A.N. Planning is critical to many things in our life. There are varying types of plans, business plans, work plans, retirement plans, safety plans....You have probably heard the old saying "Failing to plan is planning to fail". While this saying is true, you can...

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Patience is Power

Patience Is Power In a tap and swipe society patience has become an under-utilized virtue. I want to share with you the power of patience. Used intentionally it can lead to many opportunities to learn, grow yourself, gain wealth and be the foundation for long lasting...

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5 Reasons You Should Attend Live2Lead for Maximum Impact

  5 Reasons You Should Attend Live2Lead for Maximum Impact   What is Live2Lead? Live2Lead is a Leadership conference hosted by John Maxwell & Team Leaders all over the globe. Attendees learn from renowned leadership experts, who come from a variety of...

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Leading with Support and Accountability Episode 85

The Harmony There is a true harmony of support and accountability to lead effectively. Accountability Holding yourself and others accountable for the vision of your team or organization will create an environment where success is achieved and celebrated. True leaders...

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