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6 Ways to Make LinkedIn Work For You

When I first created a LinkedIn Profile over 10 years ago, I began with the intention to only accept connections or invite connections for those in my industry or who I knew personally. That was a shortsighted and self-limiting way to get the most from LinkedIn. Fast...

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Why Being Trustworthy is Important in Leadership

Trustworthy Trustworthy - able to be relied on as honest or truthful. Are you worthy of trust? Can you improve your trustworthiness? I want to make the case for being trustworthy and how to improve your trustworthiness. To drive home my point, I will tell you a story...

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Your Signature in Business

What is your signature in Business? Many years ago, as a newly promoted supervisor of a small construction crew, I was given some great advice by an experienced and seasoned construction manager. Gary Jones was his name, and he was a legend in our industry. Gary was...

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Being Proactive vs. Being Reactive

Why is it easier to be reactive than it is to be proactive? Being proactive takes work. I believe when you are responding to an event or an emotion you already have the knowledge of what has taken place and therefore you are able to react to what has occurred....

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5 Keys for Successful Collaboration

“Leaders seize opportunities through collaboration”                                                                                                                                                                         – Carly Fiorina Collaboration is Key It has been...

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