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5 W’s and the H of Success and Leadership

Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How These are known as the 5 W’s and the H. They are used as the basis for the creation of a great story, as well as the basis for a continuous plan for success. Let's look at them in-depth as these questions apply to success and...

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Business Growth Through Clarity of Vision

Having a clear vision is paramount to business growth and a non-negotiable for a successful business strategy. If you do not know what, how much, when, and why you want to attain or earn something in your business, you may never achieve it. Recently, I interviewed Joe...

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Retaining the Next Gen!

It’s no secret many leaders feel like we have had a shortage of laborers in the workforce or a shortage of employees in general. When really, the shortage is in managers and companies willing to take risks on people with more passion than experience. This is something...

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To Be Or Not To Be Mentored

To Be or Not To Be Mentored The value of being a mentor and being mentored Through mentoring others, or being mentored yourself, everyone involved has something to learn. It gives you the opportunity to learn from each other, practice skills, and build connections....

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