Having a clear vision is paramount to business growth and a non-negotiable for a successful business strategy.

If you do not know what, how much, when, and why you want to attain or earn something in your business, you may never achieve it.

Recently, I interviewed Joe Pici on the Build Your Success podcast and discussed some of the non-negotiables of business growth. This was such a deep and necessary topic that we did not make it past the first non-negotiable.blue clay on light bulb sketch for business growth

Pici shared that one of the most important aspects of business growth is having clarity of purpose and mission. “You must know what you want? When you want it? And, why you want it,” Pici says. This clarity positions you for goal attainment and for developing the strategies, tactics, and processes necessary to achieve them.

When it comes to clarity, you need to establish what you want as the end result. In the realm of business development, this must be a quantifiable metric. This could be a target income or a set number of clients that you would like to speak with daily. Whatever quantifiable metric you select, what is important is that you know what it is so that you can be clear about what you want to accomplish.

Joe Pici agrees with the belief that what is not measured is not managed. This is 100% true in the world of business growth. If you do not have a target for what you want to achieve each week, each month, each quarter, and each year, you will have nothing to manage, inspect, or evaluate. When you have an established metric that you are chasing, you will be very clear on how to assess your progress and success.  

Joe Pici also shared that you must have hard and fast dates for what you want to achieve for business growth. It is nice to say that I want to make $200,000 someday but, that is not the language of rapid business growth or goal attainment. When you say that you want to and are willing to do what it takes to make $200,000 by January 31, 2021, you are pretty much establishing a sail for your life and business. In setting this goal for your business, you will now need to develop the necessary plan to achieve this goal. 

Joe also shared some invaluable sales advice while on the podcast. He shared that one of the unique things about how he operates is he does not force anybody to do anything. He does not waste time convincing people to buy what they do not want. Joe does not look at himself as a salesman with a high closing rate. He looks at himself as an individual who knows how to find buyers. 

In finding buyers, Joe shared it is important to know your messaging and what you want to share with your buyer. Do not force them but present what you are selling in such a way the buyer actually wants the product.

In conclusion, you cannot negotiate or neglect to take the time out to decide what you want to achieve with your business. This is one of the main pillars of business growth, and most definitely a very important non-negotiable when devising your business strategy.

“I don’t believe charisma and talent is how you build a business. I believe process, skills, and discipline are what it takes.” – Joe Pici. 

Listen to the full interview: Episode 18 – The Non-Negotiables of Business Growth

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