Having a positive outlook on life is a choice but it is one you have to make for yourself.?

It is no secret that life is full of trials and challenges, and can sometimes be unfair. The choice comes to how you react to these situations. Even in tough situations you should strive to recover, overcome, and move on. Growth takes place when you turn your struggles into lessons opposed to seeing them as burdens. It isn?t always easy to choose happiness, but growth starts at the edge of your comfort zone.

A great example of choosing happiness is my friend, Ulunda Baker. Her ?secret sauce? to happiness is taking responsibility for who she is and her emotions. Despite being born into a life of adversity and facing many challenges growing up, Ulunda continues to find ways to influence others to live a life of happiness like she possesses. We are responsible for how we choose to react to a situation, whether it is good or bad. You never know who is watching, and your attitude can be an influence to others. It has been Ulunda?s mission to be a positive influence to her peers and to help them navigate through life?s constant challenges and changes.?

Ulunda is a firm believer in the power of connections, which she says should never be underestimated. Connecting people can be such a humbling experience and can often lead to a chain reaction, resulting in many people experiencing the effects of one interaction that you initiate. Connecting people isn?t the only way that Ulunda chooses to help people, she also has a passion for helping others through mentorship.?

As a mentor you can help others unlock their full potential and help them see things in themselves that they were unable to see on their own. Through mentoring others, you put yourself in a position of growth as well. You give yourself the opportunity to bring things that you don?t normally see in yourself to a new light. You can help yourself more when helping others. When your hand is closed you can?t get anything, but when your hand is open, more things come to you. You must keep your mind and heart open to receiving things. Having the willingness to be open to learning new things everyday is essential as a mentor.?

Of course, having an attitude of gratitude is a great way to live a life full of happiness. Expressing your gratitude and gratefulness to others shows respect and your appreciation. When you take the time to follow-up with someone who has helped you to say thank you, you are letting that person know that they have impacted you in some way. Even during challenging times, we should continue to live with passion and gratefulness.?

I will leave you with a quote that I enjoy from Rachel Hollis: ?You and only you are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are.?

Queue the classic Bobby McFerrin song, Don’t Worry Be Happy

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