Insight from an Entrepreneur on How to Lead Through Service

The best way to find your self is to lose yourself in the service of others – Mahatma Gandhi

This episode of the Build Your Success podcast explored the topic of leading through service. Brian Brogen, the host of the podcast interviewed Glenn Gonzales the founder oGlenn Gonzales Founder and CEO of Jet Itf Jet It. A private aviation company that offers smart travel solutions.

Glenn sees his company Jet It as a budding disruptor in the aviation industry. Through providing this service Glenn has under his belt a few insightful gems that he revealed during the podcast.

Find a need and fill a void

One of the first things Glenn spoke about was the fact that as a leader and entrepreneur going into business you are encouraged to find a need and fill a void. He used his company Jet It as a prime example. Through his private jet services, he has been providing convenience especially since the onset of the pandemic. With the reality of restricted flights being the norm, persons who must take commercial flights haven’t been able to move from point A to point B with ease. Jet It provides them with another travel option. Glenn believes that through this private aviation process he can help keep businesses alive.

Be a disruptor

This new way of travel is seen as a disruptor in the aviation industry. To be a disruptor you must be fast, efficient, spacious, and comfortable. That is exactly what Jet It is. It had a market that was ready for it and it was an innovative business model. As leaders, we should seek to incorporate being disruptors in all that we do.

Learn how to communicate

Listening is key. A leader should always create a culture where people want to listen and speak their minds. Listening is a recurring topic that so many leaders speak about, but it cannot be stressed enough how important listening is. Within a company, it is extremely important to not just listen to your team but keep a listening ear for your customers as well. Be a listener in your industry. What do people want to see? Are you seeing what your customers enjoy about their service? Always be sure to pay attention to the indirect, non-verbal cues just as much as the verbal cues.

It is also important for leaders to listen from within. Listen to yourself. How are things with you and your emotions, your family? It is also important to pay attention to your environment. All these things are just as important as those coming from the outside. Listening on all levels is part of the growing success of your company.

Finally …

Give an exceptional experience every time. To do this, engagement should be high on your list. This should also take place on your team. Engaging with each individual and being sincere and genuine goes a long way. You can do this by keeping an open-door policy.

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