The Harmony

There is a true harmony of support and accountability to lead effectively.


Holding yourself and others accountable for the vision of your team or organization will create an environment where success is achieved and celebrated. True leaders stand at the ready to support their team with the tools and training to meet the objectives of the organization.

Earning the title of leadership

Brian asked P.J. Caposey the signature question of the Build Your Success Podcast: What does Leadership and being a Leader mean to you? P.J. answered with “being recognized as a leader is…like the greatest compliment someone can bestow upon you. It’s a title that is truly earned.”

Charting a path

P.J. Caposey knows a little about leadership and wants to create a compelling vision for a brighter future to make things better than they are. It is critical to chart a path and then provide tons of support to the people that are on the journey with you.

As a former teacher in the inner city of Chicago and now the Superintendent of a medium sized district in rural Illinois, P.J. has diverse experience in leading teams from various backgrounds and leading them on paths to create success. If success isn’t achieved at the desired level, it is the leader’s responsibility to recalibrate the path and try again. Setting the conditions for personal change that will meet the objective.

People trump policy

There isn’t an industry or organization that works without people. Great people are critical to great outcomes. People trump policy, people trump programs. Leaders have great ideas, and it is great people that execute those ideas and create success.

Overcoming adversity

Many leaders have been through challenging experiences that enable them to lead with empathy. P.J. Caposey is one of those leaders. As a three-time cancer survivor, he understands that life is short and precious. Life brings us to places and we get to understand things better than we did before the experience.

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