Patience Is Power

In a tap and swipe society patience has become an under-utilized virtue. I want to share with you the power of patience. Used intentionally it can lead to many opportunities to learn, grow yourself, gain wealth and be the foundation for long lasting relationships.

Patience to Learn

Learning is such a vital part of our lives; in our early developmental years we seem to rush through school to get the diploma and begin life. How many of you wish you could have utilized your time and school to learn things that you have discovered would have been beneficial to you along life’s journey?

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Now that you are aware of the importance of learning, be patient with yourself and recognize that education takes time. You don’t just want to check the box that you attended a course, you want to gain the knowledge that will help you be better in your chosen career.

Learn to be an expert and gain actual experience in your trade and then lead others to do the same.

Patience to Grow

As the old saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Rome was a vast empire, and it took time to create. In fact, history says it took a millennium to build Rome. Take life one day and one step at a time. Every positive step leads to personal improvement. You are not competing with others you are only competing with yourself and how you are taking the necessary steps for improvement.

Set realistic goals and work methodically to achieve what you have set out to do. Celebrate all progress, great or small.

Patience to Gain Wealth

Benjamin Franklin is paraphrased for the saying “A penny saved is a penny earned.” This saying holds true throughout the generations. Every penny or dollar saved creates wealth for you and your family. Consistency in savings will lead to wealth.

A friend of mine used to say “The best way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your wallet”

Learning to save more than you spend takes discipline and patience. It is not easy to save for things you want, it seems like everyone has a credit plan for everything. Ask yourself: Do I really need this object or possession enough to pay interest on it, hence overpaying what the item could be bought for with cash?

Patience for Relationships

Human beings desire to have relationships with other human beings. At times, these relationships can be difficult because we do not have patience with others. Learning to understand someone and be patient with them takes commitment.

Be inquisitive and find out more about the other person. Defer your pleasure and allow someone else that you want to create a relationship with to have pleasure, allow them recognition, give them the preferred seat. Give them your ear to genuinely understand them and support their perspective. You do not have to agree with someone to understand them and be patient with them.

In conclusion, I would encourage you to take a breath, smell the roses. Learn to enjoy the journey and experience life to it’s fullest. You will become a better version of yourself when you practice patience.

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