Your network is your net worth.

There is power in connecting with others and creating relationships with others. Aakash Patel shares some ways in which we can make all our connections positive on this episode of the Build Your Success podcast with Brian Brogen.

 Aakash Patel is the founder of Elevate Inc., a strategic business-consulting firm. They use public relations, community relations, networking, and social media to help their clients.


Aakash is a master networker who believes that leadership means motivating others to be the best version of themselves. The tagline for Elevate Inc. is very fitting to the topic that was discussed; ‘Results based on relationships. People do business with people they like, know and trust because of this, the company works with companies who are new in the area to help them build relationships.


Conversations help to build businesses. Simple things such as meeting over coffee and connecting on social media after can go a long way in building business relationships. After multiple reactions in these spaces, people are more likely to want to do business with you or refer you to someone else who requires your services. So, helping people that do not know a lot of people, introducing them to the community through building relationships and growing their network is how Elevate Inc. works.

Patel believes that there are doors to communication that need to be open for positive connectivity to take place in business. Once you meet someone, you then get a follow-up email. You can then find them on social media and engage with them by liking their posts. If it goes very well and both parties are in agreement, a photo can be posted with you both and the relationship takes off from there.


Many opportunities can be created because of your network. Getting involved and volunteering in areas that you are interested in can play a big part in this. Reaching out also makes a big difference. Find out some of the biggest challenges they are facing. By reaching out you can help or help them find someone who can help. This helps to strengthen your network and invoke a sense of community. We must always be willing to assist and not be all for ourselves or gains. Every time you help someone, others also benefit from the gesture. The reciprocating effect then begins to take place and it then becomes a ‘win-win’.

Millennial Difference Maker…

Aakash Patel is a millennial making a difference through helping other people build lasting and meaningful business relationships. To learn more about what his company does, you can find them on LinkedIn as well as all other social media platforms. His website is He encourages everyone who thinks they could use his help to reach out, his team is always ready to help.

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