To Be or Not To Be Mentored
The value of being a mentor and being mentored

Through mentoring others, or being mentored yourself, everyone involved has something to learn. It gives you the opportunity to learn from each other, practice skills, and build connections.

Mentors have the ability to impact their mentees in powerful ways, teach them things they may not have learned on their own, and be an inspiration. Something that could easily be overlooked though, is what mentors are able to gain themselves through mentoring. Even if you are speaking to younger generations and helping guide them, it is an opportunity to sharpen your presentation skills and build lasting connections.

When we take the time to mentor the youth, we need to remember that they are the future. They may only be children right now, but one day they will be young adults that are entering into the workforce. Through mentoring, we can introduce them to different career options that may interest them and inspire them to possibly do something they had never even heard of. Jacquelyn Blakley, a founding member of iCan Girls in Engineering, is a great example of a mentor for the youth.

The saying “it takes a village” to raise children is a true statement. Parents and teachers heavily rely on each other for raising children into adults that will one day take our places. Mentors coming into the lives and classrooms of these kids is a great way to help parents and teachers increase the exposure they have to the real world. When we get into the community and in front of the youth, we are able to provide examples of why they need the classes they are taking and how they are able to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom.

If you can leave a lasting impression on these kids, they will remember you when it comes time for them to look for internships and jobs later on in life. Every generation is different, the world is constantly having to evolve to meet the needs of the new workforce. Through mentoring, we are able to start anticipating what it is that will drive the new generation in the work field. Companies are constantly evolving to match the values that their prospective employees are looking for, this is critical to meet staffing needs.

Many of us even have a mentor to thank for helping us reach our current place in life. Some of us may even have someone in our life that we didn’t realize was mentoring us. The power of a mentor is something unmatchable when it comes to personal development and growth. We don’t always know where to begin but by opening up and allowing someone who has been in our shoes to guide us we are able to reach new heights.

Whether you’re mentoring or being mentored, soak in everything you can. Think about all of the little things that you are able to gain from this partnership that may not stand out directly. We are constantly making connections that we can use to our advantage, learn from, and grow from.

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