BUILD Consulting

About BUILD Consulting

Build Consulting was founded by Brian Brogen. Brogen, a John Maxwell Certified Coach, teacher, and Certified eSpeaker provides executive-level coaching for organizations, and team building workshops. Experience professional growth through study and practical application with proven leadership methods. Leadership Programs are developed and customized for your organization and your goals through full day programs, as well as half or long-term programs extending over several months. 

Working together, Brogen will build and facilitate growth for your business in the direction required to reach your goals.

Brian works with organizations and individuals, coaching and training using his experience, knowledge, tenacity, and sense of humor. Brogen is a published author of several leadership books: The 100-Hour Pilot, 1Habit of The World’s Greatest Leaders, and the founding author of Voices For Leadership.

Brian is passionate about team building, professional development, and personal development! For decades he has been on a journey of self-development. He has “failed forward” many times without the knowledge of this great principle presented by John Maxwell. In his early 20’s, Brogen was the general contractor constructing his own family residence and has since constructed many successful teams to lead a multi-million-dollar industrial construction company as the Vice President of Field Operations. Now, with a renewed energy and passion, he’s helping build executive teams with productive disruption for leaders to grow and sustain successful teams in the workplace. 

Let Brian put his experience to work for you and your team.


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